Many people may be interested in setting up a blog but struggle enormously to come up with a subject matter or theme.

The approach to establishing blogs can be undertaken in several ways but a generic starting point is to establish what interests you.

Think about your interests, passions and knowledge on particular subjects. This is because one of the worst things you can do is to start bloging about something that you have absolutely no idea about. Your energy and time will be absorbed in developing that knowledge sufficiently to be creative enough to actually write about it. [click to continue…]


It appears that WordPress custom themes and Fasthosts servers don’t get on when it comes to 404 error pages.

I’ve installed a couple of wordpress blogs on my fasthosts hosting account and none of them displays the custom 404 error page properly. When you try to view a page that doesn’t exist you get at best a completely blank page and at worst a page of code. [click to continue…]

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Running a blog takes hard work, especially in the early stages, and making a good level of income from your blog isn’t as easy as you might think.

Ignoring the basic challenges of having to post entries regularly and finding ways to ensure that you increase traffic to your blog, there is plenty of other work that needs to be done to assure a blog remains “fit for purpose.”

You could get by for a while ignoring things like broken links or out of date postings but not for long in reality. [click to continue…]

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A Wordpress Theme is essentially a collection of template files in a style sheet which creates the presentational style of your WordPress website.

There are literally hundreds of themes to choose from and whilst it may seem a bit mindblowing initially, themes will allow you to change the look of your site in just a few clicks and are certainly worth exploring.

Taking it a little further, if you are into the flashy stuff, you can even use a theme switcher which will allow visitors to view your site in a variety of themes whenever they visit. [click to continue…]


Getting advertisers on your site is a good way to monetize your blog, but just what do you need to get those advertisers interested in helping to sponsor or advertise on your blog?

It is probably easiest to start with a bit of reverse logic in the first instance and establish what they would not like to see on checking out your blog site.

So before you take the plunge and start making enquiries with advertisers, consider the following: [click to continue…]


7 killer WordPress SEO tips

September 1, 2009

How to Set Up Your WordPress Blog To Achieve Maximum Search Engine Rankings

You’ve spent hours tweaking your blog’s design and carefully crafting your blog posts in the hope that you’ll get a rush of people reading it. The most likely way this is going to happen is via the search engines so you need your blog to appear high in the rankings for your chosen keywords.

I’m assuming here that you’ve done your keyword research and you have a handful of phrases that you’re hoping to rank for – if not do it now! This step is the foundation for everything that comes next.

For keyword research I use Wordtracker it’s the best value for money I’ve found and it has loads of excellent tutorials and tips to help you hunt down the keywords that have high traffic and low competition – find the Best Keywords for Your Business and Drive More Traffic to Your Website!

To achieve good rankings takes time, perseverance and quite a bit of know how so to get your started here are 7 killer tips on how to set up your Wordpress blog for maximum search engine optimisation… From the beginning! [click to continue…]

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How to add video to your WordPress blog posts

I wanted to just add a short video to one of my blog posts – it’s not worth posting it on YouTube as it’s only a few seconds long – I just wanted to show where to find a particular option within wordpress.
I thought it would be just like adding an image. Wrong!
Apparently the ‘upload/insert [...]

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How to make money from your blog – turn readers into customers

To make money from your blog, you need to increase blog traffic but also turn that traffic into customers regularly in order to monetize your blog.
Think about when you are reading an advert in your local paper – you are invariably attracted to those which offer some relevance to you.
Now this could be because you [...]

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How to drive traffic to your blog

It can be frustrating for a blogger who has put in a great deal of time and effort to write what they consider a good blog, only to find that nobody reads it.
So here are a few blogging tips on how to drive traffic to your blog:

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Ways to monetize your blog and generate income

Fortunes are being made and spent, pretty much every day in online transactions.
In difficult economic times such as those being experienced across the globe at the moment, more and more people are looking for ways to improve or sustain their standard of living, and many of these people are looking towards affiliate marketing to supplement [...]

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